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Chicago Tribune Tower Event By Chicago Travel Consultants, Inc. (CTC)

With over 650 exhibitors, creating strong new business partnerships at the AACC Annual Meeting is fiercely competitive. With little knowledge of the city of Chicago, a limited budget, and a history of creating once in a lifetime experiences, our client set forth the challenge to find a venue centrally located to the majority of convention hotels, while offering an experience unlike any other. By selecting a brand new outdoor event space with inimitable skyline views at the 25th floor Terrace at the Tribune Tower, combined with local jazz entertainment, specialty menus and custom decor created a night none will soon forget. Host Chicago’s Hottest Events…M.V.P Derrik Rose 21st Birthday!!!

This event is already abuzz in the city!!! Celebrities are CONFIRMED! The NBA’s Rookie of the YEAR & Reigning NBA Skills Champion will have an ALL-Star Birthday Celebration. The Entire Chicago Bulls team will attend this Ultra Plush Event…as well as some of Chicago’s most famous celebrities. This million 2 level venue provides an atmosphere like no other…Built around elegance…There’s no finer venue in Chicago. This is an event that you don’t want to miss…A Portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit charities.
There’s only one place Exclusive enough to handle this event….Chicago’s Premier venue has decided to host this Exclusive EVENT….

Saturday Oct. 24, 2009
834 N. Rush st.

Chicago Uplighting – Chicago Wedding Lighting – Chicago Party Lighting – Chicago Event Lighting

Chicago Uplighting and Chicago Wedding Lighting ( by Fourth Estate Audio will make your entire reception room electric! We’ll match our Chicago uplighting to the decor of your room for cocktails and dinner, then animate it for dancing!. Call us for your Chicago party lighting needs, at (630) 654-4440. #ChicagoUplighting #ChicagoPartyLighting #ChicagoWeddingLighting

Live At Chicago PSP Paintball Event – Best Friday Game

Want to watch live?
This is just a taste of what you can be watching live right now! Tune in and watch the rest of this weekend’s games live!

Tanin Events Norouz 1391 Persian Concert Chicago

Tanin Events – Persian Events Chicago
Video Highlights from Chicago Persian Event- Norouz 1391 Concert with Iman Sani, Shervin, Johnny Bandolero and Shabeh Lawando at Layalena Banquets.

Truth Is Not An Event – Mooji In Chicago

Truth is not an event – Mooji in Chicago

Network And Social – Networking Event At American Junkie – Chicago

Network At Your Own Pace… Are you looking for a better way to network and socialize in your city? If so, it is time you join our network! Network and Social has quickly become the premiere go-to for connecting professionals and enthusiasts in Chicago just like you. We specialize in Business Networking Events, Social Experiences, and Sports Leagues designed to fit all career backgrounds. So go grab a group friends or co-workers, and come experience your city the way it was intended to be with Network and Social.

Network and Social

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1/31/2012 — Chicago, IL — Sonic Booms, Nuclear Event, And Earthquake = Fukushima Theory

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Right about now, you’ve got to have your suspicions raised …. First a Nuclear event — loss of power … venting all day/night (1/30/2012) … THEN a series of reports of some kind of “sonic boom” last night (1/30/2012)…. Then early this AM… an earthquake in the same area…

Arto Lauri — the scientist who first spoke on the frequency manipulation of radioactive particles in the air… stripping electrons .. sending that energy via earths magnetism down into the earth… thus causing earthquakes and underground movement. Also, the impacting of the methane layer — From Fukushima specifically — spreading around the world at SEVERAL nuclear reactor sites.

As always.. Don’t be scared.. be prepared . Have your preparation plans in place — food , water, form of communication, transportation — a shelter in place plan, and a “flee plan” in case you need to leave your town or city.

Much love to one another!


Empower Network Chicago Event | Making Your Business Revolve Around You

Empower Network Chicago Event:

Watch my empower network Chicago event and learn how amazing it is to go and meet with marketer just like you from all over the world, By going to events like this you could change your life and learn from top network marketers. These events are really to motivate you more so you could take action and grow your business fast. This empower network even has change the way I think and it has motivated me more on doing everything I could to grow my business as well as motivate more individuals just like you. Am here to help to become financially free and the best part is that I will teach you everything I know on marketing online. I will also get to meet you in person in the next event which is in 90 days so just click the link I provide you on this video and let get connect and start a friendship the will take both of us to amazing places.

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Empower Network Chicago Event | Making Your Business Revolve Around You: