Chicago Botanical Garden

Discover a variety and eight different lagoons of surroundings that are botanical that are distinct. Two of the highlights for plant and flower enthusiasts to love are an English garden and a Japanese garden. The garden is regularly house to outside events that are special. The best part with this draw is that entry is free.
Millennium Park is an award winning centre for art, landscape, architecture and music design. There are frequently end your tour at the Crown fountain, where the kids can not resist splashing through the water and free concerts. The kids may also run across the 925-foot BP Bridge, which links the lakefront and the park. Millennium Park is located in the center of downtown Chicago.Millennium Park
Grant Park is Chicago’s main downtown park. It’s located between Lake Michigan and Michigan Avenue. It consists of a series of bridges which cross the Railway tracks that are still on the park’s compound. After the bridges, the park is divided in sections with trees, lawns and monuments, one of them being a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The main attraction in Grant Park is Buckingham Fountain. The Buckingham Fountain, which features a central jet shooting water up to 150 feet in the air, is best seen at night when it is animated with a now computerized choreography of colour spotlights.