THe ICNA Center

With a masjid in the lower level, all daily prayers are established.  There is a full-time Hifdh program and upcoming Quranic recitation program as well.


Community Cafe

As part of ICNA Chicago, the Islamic Learning Foundation has established a community center in the Chicagoland area.  At the ICNA Center, we have built a community that is welcoming and inclusive for all people no matter their personal state.  Whether it be the new Muslim who is seeking an entry point into the community or the young man or woman who is struggling with their faith, they have a home at the ICNA center.  With the forthcoming community cafe, coffee and refreshments will accompany our diverse activities developed for all ages. This will be a place where the entire family can enjoy good company and programming.

The Muslim Community

There are many masajid and halal restaurants within close distance from the ICNA Center.  The Chicago Muslim community scene is vibrant and active. Almost, every day/night you can find some educational and community activities on going throughout the Chicagoland area.  You can have your share of Halal food, spanning all ethnic backgrounds from traditional America including gourmet burgers, beef ribs, steaks to traditional Arab or Pakistani. Just 20 minutes away from campus is the famous Devon avenue where there is a sprawl of IndoPakistani cuisine.  Not feeling spicy food? 20 minutes south you have the famous bridgeview area where you can have your choice of Arab cuisine.


1S270 Summit Ave, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60181

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