Indisputable Truth: Know your Religion


Know your Religion (Live Virtual Instruction)

In a time of boundless information and perpetual ideological assailment, the role and importance of religion may be confused. We find ourselves in a position where the sanctity and authenticity of Islam is being challenged. This reality is no longer limited to restricted academic spaces, but has made its way into every household via social media and the internet.

It is imperative that the Muslim community raise its standard of Islamic education, particularly for our young members, so as to provide spiritual stability during their process of intellectual maturation.  

It is for this reason, Islamic Learning Foundation has developed our annual summer intensive entitled “Indisputable Truth.”  The objective of this course is to provide the student with foundational Islamic literacy along with a grounded intellectual paradigm to deal with contemporary ideological, moral, and ethical constructs.  

This program has been very well regarded and received by past students with ages ranging from high school to older adults.  We believe this program is indispensable for every responsible Muslim seeking truth.



Major themes of discussion include:

Tuition: $75 (30 hours of instructional time)
Organized by Islamic Learning Foundation – Chicago ( ILF is the Education and Tarbiya project of ICNA Chicago

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